14.               LANDSCAPE & VISUAL IMPACT

14.1                 Introduction

14.1.1                  The EIA has recommended landscape and visual mitigation measures (refer to Section 14 of EIA Report) to be undertaken during both the construction and operation phases of the project. This section outlines the monitoring and audit of these measures.

14.2                Monitoring Details

14.2.1                  The design, implementation and maintenance of landscape mitigation measures should be checked to ensure that any potential conflicts between the proposed landscape measures and any other works of the project would be resolved as early as practical without affecting the implementation of the mitigation measures.

Table 14.1 Monitoring Programme

Detailed Design Phase

14.2.2                  The mitigation measures, which are proposed in the EIA to mitigate the landscape and visual impacts, should be embodied into the detailed engineering design, landscape design drawings and contract documents. The Detailed Design should be checked to ensure that the measures are fully incorporated. Potential conflicts with civil engineering, geotechnical, structural, lighting, signage, drainage and underground utilities should resolved as early as practical.

14.2.3                  The following mitigation measures are proposed to avoid and reduce the identified impacts.

n   Minimize the footprint of project and that the quantity of landscape character units and landscape resources affected;

n   Minimize temporary works areas for construction works;

n   Undertaking good site practices by applying hydroseeding on temporary stockpiles and reclamation areas;

n   Conservation of topsoil for reuse;

n   Waste limitation by recycling of felled trees into woodchip mulch for use in landscaped areas.

14.2.4A  The following design measures will be developed during detailed design stage to remedy and compensate unavoidable impacts:

n   Roadside planting and planting along the edge of the reclamation is proposed;

n   Transplanting of mature trees in good health and amenity value where appropriate and reinstatement of areas disturbed during construction by compensatory hydro-seeding and planting;

n   Protection measures for the trees to be retained during construction activities;

n   Optimizing the sizes and spacing of the bridge columns;

n   Fine-tuning the location of the bridge columns to avoid visually-sensitive locations;

n   Measures concerning the aesthetic design of the bridge are not applicable to this Contract as it is related it is related to the HKLR Contract;

n   Measures concerning the decorative urban design are not applicable to this Contract as it is related to the HKLR Contract;

n   Maximizing new tree, shrub and other vegetation planting to compensate tree felled and vegetation removed;

n   Providing planting area around peripheral of HKBCF for tree planting screening effect;

n   Providing salt-tolerant native trees along the planter strip at affected seawall and newly reclaimed coastline;

n   Providing aesthetic architectural design on the related buildings (e.g. similar materials for PCB building facade to Airport buildings, roof planting and subtle materials for other facilities buildings and so on), and the related infrastructure (e.g. parapet planting and transparent cover for elevated footbridges) to provide harmonic atmosphere of the HKBCF;

n   Fine-tuning the sizes of the structural members to minimize the bulkiness of buildings and adjustment of building arrangement to minimise disturbance to surrounding vegetation in the HKBCF;

n   Measures concerning the aesthetic design on the viaduct, tunnel portals, at-grade roads and reclamation are not applicable to this Contract as these are related to the HKLR Contract.

14.2.5A  The following mitigation measures should be monitored during construction and operation phases:

Table 14.2  Mitigation Measures to be Monitored during Construction and Operation Phases

14.2.6A  An implementation programme will be prepared as required by TM-EIAO. Reference will be made to the Development Bureau Technical Circular (Works) (DEVB TC(W)) No. 6/2015 on Maintenance of Vegetation and Hard Landscape Features which defines the management and maintenance responsibilities for natural vegetation and landscape works, including both softworks and hardworks, and the authorities for tree preservation and felling. The format of the preliminary arrangement of implementation programme is listed below:

Table 14.3 Proposed format for Preliminary Funding, Implementation, Management and Maintenance Proposal


Construction Phase & Establishment Period

14.2.7                  The implementation of landscape construction works and subsequent maintenance operations during the 12-month Establishment Period must be supervised by qualified Landscape Resident Site Staff (Registered Landscape Architect or Professional Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects).

14.2.8                  Measures to mitigate landscape and visual impacts during construction should be checked to ensure compliance with the intended aims of the measures.

14.2.9                  The progress of the engineering works shall be regularly reviewed on site to identify the earliest practical opportunities for the landscape works to be undertaken.

Long Term Management (10 Years)

14.2.10            The planting works shall be monitored during the first 10 years of the operation phase of the project. Any areas of vegetation which is failed to establish, should be corrected by the relevant maintenance parties at the earliest opportunity. The maintenance requirement of the planting works stated under the 10-Year Management Programme is included in the monitoring requirement.

14.3                Baseline Monitoring

14.3.1                  A photographic record of the site at the time of the contractor’s possession of the site shall be prepared by the Contractor and approved by the ER. The approved photographic record shall be submitted to the Project Proponent, ET, IEC and EPD for record.

14.4               Action Plan for Landscape and Visual Works

14.4.1A  Should conflicts of implementation of mitigation measures occur, action in accordance with the Action Plan in Table 14.4 shall be carried out.