3.                    Project Organisation

3.1                    Project Organisation

3.1.1       The proposed project organisation and lines of communication with respect to environmental protection works are shown in Appendix C.

3.1.2A  The leader of the ET shall be an independent party from the Contractor and has relevant professional qualifications, or have sufficient relevant EM&A experience subject to approval of the Project Manager, Supervisor or their representative (ER) and EPD.

3.1.3       The responsibility of respective parties are:  The Contractor

n   Employ an Environmental Team (ET) to undertake monitoring, laboratory analysis and reporting of environmental monitoring and audit;

n   Provide assistance to ET in carrying out monitoring and auditing;

n   Provide site and works information upon the request of ET, IEC or ENPO within two working days of such request;

n   Participate in site inspections undertaken by the ET, as required, and undertake any corrections as instructed by the Project Manager and/or Supervisor or their representatives;

n   Submit proposals on mitigation measures in case of exceedances of Action and Limit levels in accordance with the Event and Action Plans;

n   Implement measures to reduce impact where Action and Limit levels are exceeded;

n   Adhere to the procedures for environmental complaint investigation as set out in Section 15 of this EM&A Manual; and

n   Adhere to the agreed procedures for carrying out complaint investigation.  Environmental Team

n   Set up all the required environmental monitoring stations;

n   Monitor various environmental parameters as required in the EM&A Manual;

n   Analyse the environmental monitoring and audit data and review the success of EM&A programme to cost-effectively confirm the adequacy of mitigation measures implemented and the validity of the EIA predictions and to identify any adverse environmental impacts arising;

n   Conduct environmental investigation and submit the ET Leader certified investigation report to the Contractor, IEC, ENPO and ER upon receipt of environmental enquiry and/or complaint;

n   Carry out site inspection to investigate and audit the Contractors' site practice, equipment and work methodologies with respect to pollution control and environmental mitigation, and take proactive actions to pre-empt problems;

n   Audit and prepare audit reports on the environmental monitoring data and site environmental conditions;

n   Report on the environmental monitoring and audit results to the IEC, Contractor, the ER and EPD or its delegated representative;

n   Recommend suitable mitigation measures to the Contractor in the case of exceedance of Action and Limit levels in accordance with the Event and Action Plans; and

n   Undertake regular on-site audits/inspections and report to the Contractor and the ER of any potential non-compliance; and

n   Follow up and close out non-compliance actions.  Project Manager, Supervisor or their representative (ER)

n   Supervise the Contractor’s activities and ensure that the requirements in the EM&A Manual are fully complied with;

n   Inform the Contractor when action is required to reduce impacts in accordance with the Event and Action Plans;

n   Assist the IEC and ENPO to audit the results of the EM&A works carried out by the ET; and

n   Comply with the agreed Event and Action Plan in the event of any exceedance.      Independent Environmental Checker

n   Review the EM&A works performed by the ET (at not less than monthly intervals);

n   Audit the monitoring activities and results (at not less than monthly intervals);

n   Report the audit results to the ER and EPD in parallel;

n   Review the EM&A reports (monthly and quarterly summary reports) submitted by the ET;

n   Review the proposal on mitigation measures submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the Event and Action Plans;

n   Check the mitigation measures that have been recommended in the EIA and this Manual, and ensure they are properly implemented in a timely manner, when necessary; and

n   Report the findings of site inspections and other environmental performance reviews to ER and EPD.  Environmental Protection Office (ENPO)

Notwithstanding the above, given that the TMCLKL, HKBCF and HKLR will be constructed concurrently, an Environmental Protection Office (ENPO) or equivalent to oversee the cumulative construction projects in North Lantau area will be established by the Project Proponent. The responsibility of the ENPO would be similar to that of the IEC but should also include:

n   Coordinate the monitoring and auditing works for all the on-going projects in the area in order to identify possible sources/causes of exceedances and recommend suitable remedial actions where appropriate;

n   Review cumulative impacts including possible sources/causes of exceedance and recommending suitable remedial actions;

n   Liaise with the mainland project teams for HZMB Main Section to identify and assess any cross-boundary cumulative impacts in order to establish suitable remedial actions where necessary; and

n   Coordinate the assessment and response to complaints/enquires from locals, green groups, district councils or the public at large.

The exact responsibilities and organisation of the ENPO have been defined by the Project Proponent in accordance with the relevant Environmental Permits.

3.1.4    Sufficient and suitably qualified professional and technical staff shall be employed by the respective parties to ensure full compliance with their duties and responsibilities, as required under the EM&A programme for the duration of the Project.

3.1.5      The ET Leader shall have at least 7 years of experience in conducting EM&A for infrastructure projects. His qualification shall be vetted by the ER and the IEC.