8.                    WASTE MANAGEMENT

8.1                    General

8.1.1                        The quantity and timing for the generation of waste during the construction phase have been estimated. Measures including the opportunity for on-site sorting, reusing excavated materials for reclamation etc, are devised in the construction methodology to minimise the surplus materials to be disposed off-site. Proper disposal of chemical waste should be via a licensed waste collector.

8.1.2A  All the proposed mitigation measures are stipulated in the approved EIA Report and summarised in the EMIS in Appendix B.

8.1.3                                 The types and quantities of waste that would be generated during the operational phase have been assessed. It is anticipated there would not be any insurmountable impacts during the operation phase. A trip-ticket system should be operated to monitor all movements of chemical wastes which will be collected by a licensed collector to a licensed facility for final treatment and disposal.

8.1.4A  Recommendations have been made to ensure proper treatment and proper disposal of these wastes in the approved EIA Report and summarised in the EMIS in Appendix B.

8.1.5                                 EM&A requirements are required for waste management during the construction phase only and the effective management of waste arising during the construction phase will be monitored through the site audit programme. The aims of the waste audit are:

n   to ensure the waste arising from the works are handled, stored, collected, transferred and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner; and

n   to encourage the reuse and recycling of material.

8.2                   Waste EM&A Requirements

8.2.1                        The Contractor shall be required to pay attention to the environmental standard and guidelines and carry out appropriate waste management and obtain the relevant licence/permits for waste disposal. The ET shall ensure that the Contractor has obtained from the appropriate authorities the necessary waste disposal permits or licences including:

n   Chemical Waste Permits/licenses under the Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap 354);

n   Public Dumping Licence under the Land (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap 28);

n   Marine Dumping Permit under the Dumping at Sea Ordinance (Cap 466); and

n   Effluent Discharge Licence under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance.

8.2.2A  The Contractor shall refer to the relevant booklets issued by the EPD when applying for the licence/permit and the ET shall refer to these booklets for auditing purposes.

8.2.3                                 During the site inspections and the document review procedures, the ET shall pay special attention to the issues relating to waste management and check whether the Contractor has followed the relevant contract specifications and the procedures specified under the laws of Hong Kong. In addition to the site inspections, the ET shall review the documentation procedures prepared by the Waste Coordinator once a week to ensure proper records are being maintained and procedures undertaken in accordance with the Waste Management Plan.

8.2.4A  The Contractor’s waste management practices should be audited with reference to the checklist detailed in Table 8.1.