Table 14.2 Mitigation Measures to be Monitored during Construction and Operation Phases


Description of Mitigation Measures

During Construction Phase

Mitigate both Landscape and Visual Impacts

G1.  Grass-hydroseed bare soil surface and stock pile areas.

G2.  Add planting strip and automatic irrigation system if appropriate at some portions of bridge or footbridge to screen bridge and traffic.

G3.  No applicable.

G4.  For HKBCF, providing aesthetic architectural design on the related buildings (e.g. similar materials for PCB building facade to Airport buildings, roof planting and subtle materials for other facilities buildings and so on), and the related infrastructure (e.g. parapet planting and transparent cover for elevated footbridges) to provide harmonic atmosphere of the HKBCF (see Figure 14.3.1 for example).

G5.  Vegetation reinstatement and upgrading to disturbed areas.

G6.  Maximize new tree, shrub and other vegetation planting to compensate tree felled and vegetation removed.

G7.  Provide planting area around peripheral of and within HKBCF and HKLR for tree screening buffer effect.

G8.  Plant salt tolerant native tree and shrubs etc along the planter strip at affected seawall.

G9.  Reserve of loose natural granite rocks for re-use. Provide new coastline to adopt “natural-look” by means of using armour rocks in the form of natural rock materials and planting strip area accommodating screen buffer to enhance “natural-look” of the new coastline (see Figure 14.4.2 for example).

Mitigate Visual Impacts

V1.   Minimize time for construction activities during construction period.

V2.   Provide screen hoarding at the portion of the project site / works areas / storage areas near visually sensitive receivers (VSRs) who have close low-level views to the Project during HKLR & HKBCF construction.

During Operation Phase

Mitigate both Landscape and Visual Impacts

G10.  Provide proper planting maintenance on the new planting areas to enhance the aesthetic degree.

V3.   Lighting design to minimize glare at night. Decorative road lighting to be considered during detailed design stage.


·                      Figure 14.3.1 – Landscape Master Plan showing the general arrangement of HKBCF with mitigation. This Plan is preliminary only and subject to further development in detailed design stage.

·                      Figure 14.4.2 – Details of mitigation measure – G9 for the new coastline.